9 tips to calm down when you are late for a delivery

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Take a deep breath 

Breaking news. All humans need air in their lungs to live. A stressed human, late for a delivery, needs more of it. So, breathe in deeply to release all that stress. Remember to inhale deeply and exhale slowly, this will send a message to your frantic brain to chill out.

Find another route 

Progress is an amazing thing, is it not? Nowadays, you can download apps that will assist you in finding a detour. If there is no alternative route, why don’t you enjoy the comfort of your van

Notify your customer 

They need to know your estimated time of arrival. You are going to be late? Inform them. Be honest, apologise and let them know you are working on it. And don’t forget to use a hands-free device when you make that call, you don’t need a fine to further aggravate your day.

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Listen to an audiobook or podcast 

If you are stuck in a massive traffic jam, best thing is to get your mind off of it and forget the hundreds of cars around you. You can either download one of the many exciting podcasts out there, or resume listening to that book about molecular biology with its recent findings explained. You will get to know how these can change our understanding of evolution and life’s history, and how powerful their implications for human health and even human nature can be.

Create your “stay calm” playlist 

If you are not into books about molecular biology, studies have shown that music can also soothe an angry driver. Well, if your favourite music happens to be death metal, ignore this section. Otherwise, hit PLAY and sing the stress away! We’ll guarantee your blood pressure will get back to normal in no time. 

Don’t honk, please 

A honking horn sound is absolutely annoying, and it won’t make the traffic jam disappear. Remain calm in your rented van while staring at the drivers around you beeping madly. 


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Invest in a stress ball

Squeezing a hand exercise ball can help relieve some of your frustration as well. It is better than grinding your teeth and will save you a trip to the dentist.

Review your daily schedule

We don’t mean to point an accusing finger here, but if you tend to be late for deliveries, you might want to reconsider your organisation skills or lighten your workload. 

Don’t let traffic delays ruin the rest of your day

Yes, some customers will be angry at you, but it is not the end of the world. Remember, tomorrow is another day. Just make sure your stress ball is in the glove box of your van and your playlist is ready to play.

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