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Van rentals with Europcar

We provide commercial van rental services for a wide variety of business needs and industries, such as assembly operations, electric and gas/water installers, booth builders, contractors, and the seasonal harvest business.
As an extra, you can rent our vehicles with a trailer hitch or reversing camera for safe parking. Decide between the compact VW Caddy or the practical Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in many versions and up to 18m³ loading volume. For short-term projects or as permanent fleet replacement, our vans are available for durations of up to 24 months.


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3m3 vans

VW Caddy (VPIW)
With our vans, you can optimally handle small to medium-sized transports. The compact vehicles are easy to control and small enough for every parking space.
Technical data:
  • Number of seats: 2
  • Volume 3m3
  • Load capacity: 700kg
  • Maximum height: 1.85m
  • Driving license B
  • Interior dimensions: Hight = 1.25m; Length = 1.78m; Width= 1.55m
  • Width between wheel arches: 1.16m
  • Roof rack option

6m3 vans

The first choice for everyday transport, courier orders and smaller removals. With a small van, you can do every job quickly and reliably.
Technical Information
  • Number of seats : 3
  • Volume: 6m3
  • Payload: 1000kg
  • Max. height: 1,95m
  • Driving license B
  • Interior dimensions: Height = 1,41m; Length = 2,54; Width = 1,65
  • Width between wheel arches: 1,24m

10m3 vans

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (VMHW) Reliably handle medium-sized transport orders, relocations or moving material. Technical Information
  • Number of seats : 3
  • Volume: 10m3
  • Payload: 1420kg
  • Max. height: 2,65m
  • Driving license B
  • Interior dimensions: Height= 1,94m; Length= 3,26m; Width= 1,78m
  • Width between the wheel arches: 1,32m

12m3 vans

The Iveco Daily van with 12m3 cargo space offers space and efficiency, perfect for businesses that need reliable transportation.
Technical specifications
  • Number of seats : 2 or 3
  • Volume: 12m3
  • Payload: 1199kg
  • Max. height: 2.52m
  • Driving license B
  • Interior dimensions: Height= 1.93m; Length= 3.70m; Width= 1.87m
  • Width between the wheel arches: 1,42m
  • With tow bar

18m3 vans

With 18 m³ loading volume, our trucks offer a lot of space. For example, for superstructures, product transports, removals and other large materials.
Technical Information
  • Seats: 3
  • Volume:18m3
  • Load capacity: 650kg
  • Max. height: 2.98m
  • Driving license B - max. 110km per hour
  • Tail lift capacity: 750kg
  • Interior dimensions: Height = 2.07; Length = 4.22; Width = 2.08
  • With tailgate

Special vehicle

Iveco Pick Up (VMPW)
The Iveco pick up is distinguished by a convenient cargo box, making it a practical choice for various light cargo applications such as hauling yard waste.
Technical information
  • Number of seats : 7
  • Loading capacity: 1140kg
  • Container length: 3.40m
  • Driving license B
  • Double cabin
  • Platform width: 2.08m
  • Max height: 2,24cm
  • With tow bar

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