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Hire a small car with Europcar!

Hiring a small car with Europcar offers numerous advantages. By hiring this type of vehicle you are first and foremost helping to preserve our environment. Because a small vehicle equals low fuel consumption. To take an example, the Smart Fortwo (available to hire from Europcar) only uses 4.3L/100km, which means CO2 emissions of only 103g/km! So by hiring a small car from Europcar, you play a part in helping reduce CO2 emissions.

And don't forget that low fuel consumption also equates to saving money. And given our incredibly attractive hire rates for small city cars, you will benefit from a dual financial advantage!

Hiring a small car from Europcar is doing your bit for the environment, as well as for your wallet!

But hiring a small car offers many other, by no means lesser, advantages! Need to drive in the city? Hire a city car! They are designed for driving in towns and cities. You will find it much easier to move around, and parking becomes almost a joy!

Need a small car? Think Europcar!

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