Dacia Rental: The Best Value for Money

Dacia is paving the way to make new cars more affordable. Dacia is now present in 44 countries and has over 7.5 million customers. As part of the Renault group, it’s a relative new-comer to the automobile market. Although they want to make their vehicles more widely available, they are still prioritizing style, safety and quality. A Dacia car rental is a great solution no matter what your plans are.

Democratizing the SUV

When SUVs first came out on the streets, the price tag put them out of reach for many. Dacia created the Dacia Duster with the idea of opening this market to a wider audience. French engineers decided to make a crossover car that would allow the vehicle to be sold at a reasonable price. With its 4x4 style and practical design, the Duster rides well and is a popular choice for any road condition.

A compact city option

The Dacia Sandero is their compact car, and is a great option for city driving. The Sandero is designed to be spacious, practical without sacrificing style and is perfect for commuting and even weekends away.

Dacia Car Rental with Europcar

With 3,835 locations and a presence in over 140 countries, Europcar is the perfect place for your Dacia car rental. We constantly renew our fleet and you can find all styles of vehicle, from city cars to prestige cars. We also have a fleet of vans and trucks as well as a selection of electric vehicles. With our app, you can organize your rental and have an online check-in, making your rental experience faster and paper-free. You can decide to rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and if you join our loyalty program, you can take advantage of our discounts and benefits.