Discover Europcar wide range of rental cars sorted by brand, size, type and number of seats

When you rent a car from the Europcar car fleet you know you’re in safe hands. From the moment you collect the keys to when you hit the open road, we’ll get you to your destination.
Choose from a wide range of car brands and car sizes. Whether you’re looking for a runaround that’s easy to park or a more luxurious sedan for a long road trip, we offer every vehicle to rent you can imagine.
Explore your next vacation destination in comfort with the convenience of renting a large family car. Or make sure you get to that business meeting on time and rent an economical small car. We’ve got hundreds of car types to choose from, including convertibles, sports cars and luxury cars.
Automatic or manual, 5-9 car seats, luxury, or economy rental cars… you’ll be spoiled for choice when you rent a car from one of our 3,800 agencies around the world.

Which Europcar brand will you choose to rent?

Take advantage of the many different car brands to rent from Europcar. Rent a car by brand to suit your needs, from all the major global names we have on offer, including:
  • American car brands:Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Ford
  • European car brands: Audi, BMW, Fiat, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Range Rover, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Volvo
  • Asian car brands: Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota
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Select a car size for all your needs at Europcar

There are plenty of car sizes to choose when you rent a car from Europcar. If you need a car with a large trunk for all your luggage, an SUV that’s fun to drive or a seven-seater to fit the kids and their friends in, we’ve got a car to suit you. 
Rent a car by size and choose from:
  • Small or medium cars to rent for easy city driving and effortless parking.
  • Family cars and compact MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) to carry all the people you need to (and their bags, hiking gear, a picnic…).
  • Large hatchbacks for all that extra cargo.
  • Sedans for impressive comfort and style.
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What car types can you rent at Europcar?

You’ll find all kinds of car types in the Europcar fleet. From small hatchbacks to deluxe sedans or practical SUVs, Europcar gives you the freedom to choose the best rental vehicle for you.
Rent a car by type – we’ve plenty to choose from:
  • Automatic cars – for relaxed, efficient driving
  • Convertible cars – if you love the wind in your hair
  • Green cars - electric and hybrid vehicles to save on energy
  • Sports cars – daring and fun to drive
  • Luxury cars – a stylish, exceptional choice
  • Economy cars – low on fuel and high on quality
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How many car seats do you need in your rental car?

To keep everyone comfortable make sure you rent a car by number of seats which is much cheaper than renting two vehicles.
  • 5 seats – usually two in the front and three in the back for the average family
  • 6 seats – comfortably able to seat 6 passengers
  • 7 seats – perfect for larger families
  • 8 seats – makes traveling with a large party practical
  • 9 seats – ideal for groups
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Looking to rent a Van or a Truck?

It's easy for you to get where you're going - whether you have a heavy load or moving a full house. Check our van and truck rental fleet.
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