Specific Terms & Conditions of Europcar's Fuel Policy

This document defines the Specific Conditions related to our Fuel Policy and are valid from 01/03/2018 to 30/04/2018 (included).  The content and provisions prevail over the current article 18 of our Terms & Conditions of Hire during the validity period stated here above. In case of a contradiction between the documents listed above, the Specific terms of our Fuel Policy prevail over the General T&Cs. 



The rules applicable to fuelling and refuelling of a Vehicle depend on the country of rental and the type of rental product you have selected. Please check carefully the rules applicable for every rental you make. Please ask Europcar’s agent for details of all available options when you collect the Vehicle.

All Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at pick up. Two options may then be made available to you:


- At pick up you pay for the price of a full tank of fuel. The price of this will depend on the Vehicle category.

- You may return the Vehicle with whatever fuel is left in it.

- Whilst Europcar will not charge you for refuelling the Vehicle, Europcar will not reimburse you for any unused fuel.


- We provide you with a Vehicle with a full tank of fuel

- You return the Vehicle with a full tank of fuel (1)

- You pay nothing for either refuelling service charge or fuel (2)


(1) At return, to consider the tank as full, different rules are applied depending on the kilometers driven during your rental.

You drove less than 100 km: A valid station ticket will be asked as a proof of refuelling to justify that the tank is full.

You drove more than 100km: The visual level of the gauge will be used as a proof of full tank. The tank is considered full if the fuel gauge is at maximum level (8/8).

A ticket is considered valid as regarding the refueling date, the location of the petrol station and the amount refueled.  You should refuel a tank at the petrol station situated no more than 5 kilometers form the Europcar’s station of return of your Vehicle. Please ask Europcar’s agents in stations for additional information on ticket validity.


(2) If the tank is not full, you will be charged for fuel following two methods of refueling charges calculation depending on the kilometers driven during the rental.

You drove less than 100km: You will be charged based on the average consumption of the Vehicle for the distance driven during the rental. The average consumption is expressed for 100 km and depends of the Vehicle model.  Please ask Europcar’s agents in station for additional information on average consumption of the Vehicle model that You rent.


You drove more than 100km: You will be charged based on the visual level of the fuel gauge. The calculation is based on the missing 8th expressed by the gauge. If the needle is between 2 graduations, the missing 8th will be calculated based on the closest graduation. See below for an example of fuel charge calculation.





Regardless of the refueling charges calculation method: If more than seven liters are missing at return, you will be charged for an additional refueling service charge (please refer to the Recommended Tariff’s Guide).


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