Move to Electric

Move to Electric & Save Money

Reduce your carbon footprint without constraints

When you rent an electric car with Europcar, we are helping to reduce your carbon footprint without constraints!
Electric car rental allows you to drive in the low emission zone & get you ready for the future restrictive public policies.
If you rent electric car rental for business, the lower environmental impact will endorse your CSR policy.
All our Electric vehicles rentals include a Full Charge meaning you do not need to recharge before returning it at the end of your rental, saving you time and money. If you need to charge the vehicle then all the tools you need are provided: cables & charging solutions, and access to a call center for any questions.

Rent an electric car with Europcar

Check out the latest Electric Cars available to rent & discover their unique benefits

We make charging Easy!

Our solutions support charging at home, at work, or at the roadside

Low Emission Mobility Partner for your business

Flexible Long Term Solutions, alternative to leasing or buying.
From 1 Month Rentals & Subscriptions.
No commitment & no penalties for early exit.
Alternative fuel vehicles: domestic & standard cables, charge cards included.
Charging pole installation & CO2 Report available.

Find electric cars in our dedicated stations

Electric Car Hire is available (depending on availability) from many of our branches in Belgium:
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Electric Cars Go Further

Than You Might Think
The latest battery technology means
an autonomy of up to 400km on a single charge.