Electric Car Rental Charging

Charging is easy!

Charging is easy!

Our vehicles are provided with standard and Domestic Charging cables.
Electric vehicles can be charged on public charge poles which deliver charging speed up to 5X higher than domestic sockets and enable safe charging.
In case you are not interested in installing a charge point at home, you can still use a domestic socket, with a 7 hour charge time providing enough electricity for a 100km journey.

Charging Points

Thanks to our partnership with NewMotion, we offer the option to of install charging poles at your home or at the office.
Those poles are adapted to your parking, your available power to match your usages and optimize costs.

Charge Cards

Roadside & Highway Charging

To make roadside charging as simple as possible we have teamed up with NewMotion - a member of the Shell group. Once registered you will receive a Charge Card allowing you to charge your car at over 250,000 locations in Europe. There is no subscription, you only pay for the electricity you use.

NewMotion App

Find a charging location

The NewMotion App will direct you to the nearest available charging locations and 24/7 support will be available should you need it.
Find a location

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